Dec – 3rd: B-52H 61-0001 (5 BW / 69 BS) – departed 14th December


Exercise Baltic Trident

The 420th Air Base Squadron and 420th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron at RAF Fairford provided support to Exercise Baltic Trident, which took place at RAF Fairford and across several Baltic countries from March 15 – 19.

Six KC-135R arrived on 15 March, flew missions and gradually returned to Mildenhall with the last onces leaving on Friday 19 March.

Four KC-135 also deployed to Lithuania

Aug – 23rd: 10x F-15E 48FW RAF Lakenheath – departed 27th August

25th: 2x B-2A’s from Keflavik performed a missed approach at RAF Fairford – 92-0700 Spirit of Florida & 89-0128 Spirit of Nebraska

Sep – 13th: 1x RC-135W 95th RS RAF Mildenhall deployed to Fairford for Exercise HIGH LIFE – departed 17th September (believe a patch exists, same as below but with the exercise name on it)


Oct – 21st: B-52H 60-0022 – departed 31st October


Aug – 18th: 2x B-2A’s 82-1070 & 90-0040 arrived from Keflavik for hot-pit refueling – both jets departed the same day

Sep – 14th: B-52H 60-0007 (23  BS) & B-52H 60-0026 (23 BS) – departed 15th September

Dec – 13th: B-2A 82-1066 Spirit of America diverted in during a Global Power Mission. Departed 18th December


Mar – 6th: B-1B 86-0095 diverted in