1971 – North Weald

1972 – North Weald

1973 – Greenham Common

1974 – Greenham Common

1976 – Greenham Common

1977 – Greenham Common

The 1977 Tiger Meet had been due to take place at Upper Heyford under the auspices of the USAF’s 79th Tactical Fighter Squadron, with IAT providing advice. Then the headquarters of US Air Forces in Europe forced the plug to be pulled, expressing concerns about commercial involvement being sought as a means of making the meet financially self-sufficient.  Instead the Meet moved to Greenham Common, which was the first occassion on which the NATO Tiger Association’s gathering of aircraft from units with a tiger in their emblem had been staged by anyone other than a member unit.

Stickers and patches were produced for the Upper Heyford Tiger Meet – expect they didnt have time to cancel them or change the text to Greenham Common

1979 – Greenham Common