Vintage Airband

Dedicated to Vintage Airband Radio’s from the 1960’s



Nova Tech Incorporated

VHF Skymaster

Flight International 2 June 1966

Radio Kits

For those who were unable to afford a Shorrock or Gauers  one budding entrepreneur modified a radio kit to receive aircraft transmissions.  Pat Carty marketed the radio in Air Pictorial during 1964 as the first aircraft enthusiast assembled radio and called it the “PC 1ABR” for £6-£8. Pat would be very interested to hear from anyone who bought this radio or even still owns one! email 

Frequency Guides

Was this the first VHF airband frequency guide published?

Radio Repairs 

I highly recommend Radiocruncher (Graham) – – Graham also has a YouTube channel–jt108Cjw

Graham has done a YouTube video of my radios here – fast forward to 1hr 30 mins

If you have any more information please contact here