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Operation Iraqi Freedom

March 4, 14 B-52s from the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot Air Force Base, N.D., arrived. More than 900 people came with them.

During the war B-52s flying from RAF Fairford flew 122 combat sorties, a total of 1,600 flying hours in 33 days.

They dropped 3.2 million pounds of munitions and 9 million leaflets

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61-0007 / MT seen departing RAF Fairford with a load of 2,000lb JDAM's on the wing pylon

457th Air Expeditionary Group

The 457th Air Expeditionary Group was activated as a combat unit as part of the Global War on Terrorism, to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. 
It is known that the group supported B-52 Stratofortresses operations, using B-52Hs attached from the 23d Bomb Squadron, Minot AFB, North Dakota and
USAF Reserve 917th Wing, Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. The B-52s operated from a "forward deployed location", which was RAF Fairford, England.
The unit inactivated sometime after Operation Iraqi Freedom ended active combat operations

457th AEG  Fait Accompli

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457th Air Expeditionary Group
B-52H Shock & Awe

5th Expeditionary Operations Support

The 5 EOSS was not an official organization, but a convenient way to group the deployed functions that normally fell under a traditional Operations Support Squadron at home station. It contained mission planning, intelligence, weather and a communications function, all necessary to conduct deployed operations.

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16th Air Expeditionary Task Force

Command Unit for the 457th AEG

16th Air Expeditionary Task Force Italian Made Patch

23d Expeditionary Bomb Squadron

The 457th Air Expeditionary Group would have been created first, with the 23d Expeditionary Bomb Squadron following and assigned to the AEG. 
The 23 EBS remained a subordinate unit to the 457 AEG through the duration of the deployment.

23D Expeditionary Bomb Squadron

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23 EBS

There are a number of other patches produced for OP Iraqi Freedom which were not issued to crews
Iraqi Freedom 23D BOMB SQN

 OP Iraqi Freedom
B-52 BUFFS! 

Rough and Tough 457th AEG