B-2 Visits

B-2 88-0332 "Washington" performed a flypast at the Farnborough Air Show on September 2nd 1996.
This is believed to be the first time that a B-2 was in UK airspace

Farnborough Air Show 1996 Patch

On July 19th 1997 B-2 89-0127 "Spirit of Kansas" landed at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in front of thousands of spectators.
The aircraft was on the ground for about an hour before returning to Whiteman.

Col Tony Imondi and Maj Darrell Davis flew B-2 82-1067 "Spirit of Arizona" on a Global Power mission to RAF Fairford on March 10th 1999. The aircraft arrived at 09:55 local time after a 10½-hour flight and departed, with Lt Col Will Gildner and Maj Terry Sunnarborg at the controls, at 11:00. The aircraft was escorted by 48th Fighter Wing F-15s while in UK airspace.

"Spirit of Indiana" arrived at RAF Fairford on July 23rd 1999 to take part in the Royal International Air Tattoo. 
The aircraft appeared in the static display (the first time this had occured in the UK) and also flew on both days of the show. 
The aircraft returned to Whiteman on July 25th. 

Two B-2s performed flypasts at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2002 at RAF Fairford during non-stop "Global Power" missions from Whiteman AFB. On Saturday July 20th it was 92-0700 "Spirit of Florida", and on Sunday July 21st it was 89-0128 "Spirit of Nebraska". Both aircraft were escorted by four F-15C Eagles from RAF Lakenheath.

B-2 92-0700 "Spirit of Florida" performed two flybys at RAF Fairford/RIAT on Global Power missions. On July 19th 2003 it performed a flyby at RAF Fairford, recovered to Mildenhall, performed another flyby on July 20th and then returned to Whiteman.

B-2 93-1086 "Spirit of Kitty Hawk" performed two flypasts at the Royal International Air Tattoo 2004 at RAF Fairford. On Saturday July 17th the aircraft flew a 20-hour Global Power misson from Whiteman and back as "Death 53". The following day the same aircraft, with a different crew, flew the same mission as "Death 63". On both occasions the aircraft was escorted by four F-15E Eagles from RAF Lakenheath.

On December 10th 2004 two climate-controlled permanent hangars specifically designed for the B-2 were unveiled at RAF Fairford, seven months ahead of schedule. The new 50,000-square-foot facilities allow specialized low-observable maintenance to be performed on the B-2. LO maintenance is essential to maintaining the specialized coatings that cover the aircraft’s composite and metal skin. Applying these coatings, and ensuring they cure correctly, must be done in a climate-controlled environment.

"Staging the B-2 closer to potential theater engagement areas will provide a deterrent to adversaries of the United States", said Lt. Col. Tom Bussiere, 325th Bomb Squadron commander. "The completion of the B-2 shelter is a step in the right direction in making RAF Fairford a fully operational B-2 forward operating base".

Two B-2s arrived at RAF Fairford on March 22nd 2006: 90-0040 'Spirit of Alaska' as "ZETA 11" and 93-1085 'Spirit of Oklahoma' as "ZETA 12". 

They are not known to have flown any missions while in the UK, and they departed on March 24th.


Two B-2s arrived at RAF Fairford on August 12th 2008. They were 82-1067 as 'Reaper 11' and 89-0128 as 'Reaper 12'. They stayed until August 17th.

B-2 82-1068 "Spirit of New York" Death 11 arrived at RAF Fairford on July 6th 2012 to appear in the static display at the Air Tattoo.
It departed as Death 11 on July 9th 2012

June 8th 2014 two B-2s arrived at RAF Fairford - 82-1069 "Spirit of Indiana" and  93-1088 "Spirit of Louisiana" 
They were deployed to Fairford for UK familiarity flights and departed on the 15th June



B-2A, PATH12, 88-0329/WM, "Spirit of Missouri", arr 0746
B-2A, PATH11, 82-1068/WM, "Spirit of New York", arr 0750(was meant to rtb along with 329 but GPS went u/s, departed 09/06/15)
B-2A, SALMA11, 88-0329/WM, "Spirit of Missouri", dep 1008 (rtb Whiteman AFB).


B-2A, PANTS11, 82-1069/WM, "Spirit of Indiana", arr 2010
B-2A, PANTS12, 90-0040/WM, "Spirit of Alaska", arr 2019
B-2A, COLON11, 82-1069/WM, "Spirit of Indiana", dep 2224 (rtb Whiteman).
B-2A, COLON12, 90-0040/WM, "Spirit of Alaska", dep 2224 (rtb Whiteman).


B-2A, SPIRIT11, 82-1068/WM, "Spirit of New York", dep 1506 (rtb Whiteman)

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