67th ARRS

69-5784 RAF Fairford 20th May 1983

The 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron (ARRS) moved to RAF Woodbridge from Morón Air Base, Spain, on 15 January 1970. 
The 67th ARRS operated Lockheed HC-130H/N/P Hercules fixed wing aircraft and Sikorsky HH-53H Super Jolly Green Giant helicopters.
They were assigned an air rescue and special operations mission.
The 67 ARRS had several permanent detachments under its control, these being a HH-3 detachment at Keflavik (Det-14), two VIP configured HH-lNs at Ramstein and a combat rescue HH-1H detachment at Zaragoza (Det-9).  

The 67th ARRS fell under command of the 39th ARRW - 39th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing established on 20 October 1969; activated on 1 January 1970; redesignated as 39th Special Operations Wing on 1 March 1988. 

On 1 June 1988 the 67th ARRS were redesignated the 39th Special Operations Wing (SOW)
The 67th ARRS split into two, the HC-130s fell under the 67th SOS and the HH-53s went to the 21st SOS (who'd last been active at the end of the Vietnam war and participated in the Mayaguez rescue off Cambodia in 1975). At the same time the 21st SOS started to re-equip with the MH-53J Pave Low III Enhanced models.
The 667th SOMS (Special Operations Maintenance Sqaudron ) fell under the 39th SOW
On 1 April 1992 the 67th SOS and 21st SOS moved to RAF Alconbury as part of the closure of RAF Woodbridge,  joined by longtime residents of West Germany, the 7th SOS from Rhien Main.
The 7th, 21st and 67th SOS were reassigned to the 352d Special Operations Group 1 December 1992 , moving to Mildenhall in February 1995.
The 21st SOS was inactivated on 9 October 2007

Det 4 1730 PRS (Pararescue Squadron) were located at RAF Woodbridge alongside the 67th ARRS


67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Emblem (1985)

Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. The emblem on the shied symbolizes the mission of the 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recover Squadron. The lions represent the courage that is required of the squadron personnel, who during their mission may encounter severe weather, hazardous terrain, darkness, and long duty hours. The shield refers to protection of the potential victim or survivor. The green cross, international symbol of safety, further indicates commitment to the safety and protection of the victim. The upraised sword denotes the combat role of the Squadron

39th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing Emblem (1973)

The color blue alludes to the sky, the medium in which the wing’s aircraft operate. Split fields of ultramarine a light blue represent the day and night rescue capability provided by the 39 ARRW over land, sea, and air. The red, when depicted as meridians on the globe, represents the command and control of the 39 ARRW over land and sea; the red ray superimposed over the ray of golden yellow represents the command and control of the 39 ARRW over the sky. The white provides contrast and emphasis. The wings represent this unit’s fixed wing aircraft. The loop around the wings represents the wing’s rotary aircraft.

39th SOW Subdued 
Dedicated To Life
39th SOW Colour
39th ARRW Subdued
60th Anniversary
67th Air Rescue SQ
39th SOW Gaggle
67 ARRS Heritage
67 ARRS Heritage
67 ARRS Heritage
1730 PRS
That Others May Live
Det 4 1730 
Pararescue Squadron
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1730 PRS
That Others May Live
667 SOMS 

67th ARRS Different Sizes
 667 SOMS Subdued

67th ARRS Jolly Green

39th ARRWG Small
67th ARRS Jolly Green

67th Air Rescue Squadron (1952-1965)

The following emblem appears to have never been officially approved, and its
exact date uncertain. The background includes a light blue template
conveying the sky and a white cloud. The squadron’s incorporation of a
pelican as a flying mascot was due to the bird’s ability to recover objects from
the water. The pelican holds an observation scope in support of the
squadron’s recovery mission. The tail propeller represents the squadron’s use
of helicopters to conduct recovery missions.

67th Air Rescue Squadron - Prestwick
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39th SOW - Night Force
39th SOW - Nightwings For Peace
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67th ARRS - 1988
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67 SOS - HC-130  Combat Rescue
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